Pallet Locator Inventory Control Tags, Paper Cover Stock, Three-Dimensional, Package of 50

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Warehouse management and Inventory control is made much simpler with these unique easy-to-use locator tags. As soon as new inventory arrives in your warehouse, mark their contents on these tags (along with their date of arrival, if you wish), and place the tags on top of the boxes. Because the tags can stand on their own and are 6.5 inches tall, you can spot them effortlessly as you walk around your storage space or even from a distance. The tags are packaged flat and take seconds to assemble. A score line along the center and at the two bottom edges indicate where to fold them. Once they?re folded, the tags stand on their own. Our Next Label tags are our own customized product. Our clients have used them successfully to locate inventory, mark discolored or damaged items, indicate dates of arrival, identify fragile items, and for countless other uses. They eliminate loading errors and make inventory control a cinch.

  • LOCATE THE CONTENTS OF YOUR INVENTORY with these unique 2-sided tags. Each tag folds easily into a stand-alone piece that can be labeled and placed onto a pallet to identify its contents.
  • SPOT AND IDENTIFY INVENTORY FROM A DISTANCE. There’s no need to go physically next to each pallet to read the boxes’ contents. These double-sided tags stand 6 ½” tall, which make them easy to spot and read from a distance. Label both sides with a marker for best visibility.
  • DISTINGUISH PALLETS BY INVENTORY AGE. The pallet locator tags are the perfect item for identifying not only the contents of boxes but also their date of arrival. Mark the date of arrival on these tags to ensure that older inventory gets shipped out before newer inventory.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE, these tags are made of 80# white cover stock and feature a ½ inch adhesive strip on both sides.
  • 50 PIECES PER PACKAGE. The tags come packaged flat, compact enough to stock effortlessly. And they can be assembled in seconds. Simply fold along the score lines and voila, you’re done! Made in the USA by Next Day Labels TM- 100% Guaranteed.
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