8.5" x 11" Perforated Paper, 1/2 Sheet White 1/2 Sheet Yellow

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two colored perforated papers show you the difference between your and your customers copy so you don?t give him the wrong piece of information. print two different forms (Ex. Company?s copy and customer?s copy) in just one sheet of paper. These papers will save your business a significant amount of money plus they will avoid mistakes (such as giving your customer your copy unsted of theirs.) Not only do you save time and money on this, but also energy which you can still dedicate in much more important areas of your business. Perforated papers are ideal for nearly every type of business or organization that does high-volume, high-speed printing. All perforations are clean cut, leaving a "perfect edge" and allow sheets to run smoothly without any paper jams.If you are in the coupons or tickets business, you can use perforated paper forms to your advantage. You could use them for your current promotion on each division. You will have a sheet of two tickets or coupons that you can individually tear off one of your customer?s purchases and one to keep for yourself.With its unique function and the option for it to be customized per your specifications, you can use it for virtually any type of form that you can think of. These two color Perforated paper is commonly used for: billing use, booklets, catalogs, coupons, direct mail applications, gift certificates, hospitals, statements, insurance companies, invoices, Notices, receipts, Universities, utilities firms and nearly every type of business. Of course, these are just some of the uses of perforated forms for your business. Made in the USA by Next Day Labels TM

  • 8-1/2 x 11" 24#, 1 Part Laser, 1 Horizontal perf @ 5-1/2"
  • 1/2" of the Sheet is White the other 1/2" is Yellow
  • 1 Horizontal micro perforation at 5-1/2"
  • Box of 500 Full Sheets
  • Made in the USA by Next Day Labels TM - 100% Guaranteed
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