Compulabel Pinfeed Cards Fanfold 100 Pound, 92 Brightness, White (211206)

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The lowest cost to print is with old-school dot matrix printers. These reliable, hard-working machines are still used in offices, factories and warehouses everywhere, due to their durability, print quality and low print cost per page. Compulabel brand Pinfeed cards are manufactured with a high-quality 100 pound, high 92 brightness, lignin-free machine finished tag.

  • Compulabel Pinfeed cards, white, fanfold, smudge proof, 100 pound, 92 Brightness,
  • 6 inch x 4
  • 6,000 cards per carton
  • Compulabel Brand Pinfeed cards are Manufactured with a high-quality 100 pound, high 92 Brightness, lignin-free machine finished tag.
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