DocuGard Standard Blue Marble Middle Check, 24 lb, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 2500 Sheets (04509C)

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DocuGard utilizes the most comprehensive security features recommended by the national check fraud center to keep you protected. DocuGard business security checks are check 21 compliant and provide highly secure documents at an outstanding value. The standard marble checks are compatible with most money management software and include 11 security features: a "void" pantograph that will appear when copied, marble patterned background, a security features listing, microtext printing, a DocuGard watermark, coin reactive ink on watermark, verification number, "void" pantograph behind the endorsement that will appear when copied, an anti-splice backer, check 21 compliancy and a security warning on the front of the check.

  • DocuGard blue marble middle business checks utilize 11 comprehensive security features recommended by the National Check Fraud Center and are ANSI compliant
  • Easily print professional, secure checks with Quicken, QuickBooks, Versacheck and other popular accounting and money management software packages
  • Checks are located at the middle of the sheet (3.5” tall x 8.5” wide) and there are 2 horizontal perforations located at 3.5" and 7" from the top
  • Front security features include: Check-21 compliancy; hidden message technology (“VOID” appears when copied); a printed marble background that shows alterations when erased; and a printed security warning to call attention to the security features listing on the reverse side
  • Back security features include: security features listing for verification purposes; hidden message technology (“VOID” appears behind endorsement when copied); microtext printing which is legible when magnified, but illegible when copied; anti-splice backer that is difficult to alter; and a verification number and watermark that are printed in coin-reactive ink and can only be seen when viewed on an angle
  • Premium DocuGard quality since 1964. Made in the USA from domestically sourced, environmentally friendly paper.
  • 2500 sheets, 8.5 x 11 check printing paper, 24 lb., packaged in an easy-open shrinkwrap
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